Reduce business interruption

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damages more than the burned areas you can see. Soot and smoke can damage furniture, documents, the ventilation system, electronics and equipment. By responding to emergencies 24 hours a day, BMS Technologies can begin cleaning and restoration services immediately, to help return your business to normal.

Water Damage Restoration

The longer water is allowed to sit, the more damage it can create. We respond immediately to stop further damage from occurring.
BMS Technologies uses state-of-the-art drying and monitoring equipment to make sure that the structure and contents are completely dry. Our 24 / 7 emergency service means that the drying and restoration process begins immediately.

Mold Remediation

When you call BMS Technologies, you can rest assured that our highly trained professionals will do the job right from beginning to end.
We offer the best mold remediation services in the industry, and specialize in providing quick remediation so the you can be working in a healthy environment as quickly as possible.

We are there when you need us

With BMS Technologies you can count on high standards of customer service, attention to detail, uncompromising professionalism and always fair and consistent pricing, That is the reason that BMS Technologies is the most trusted name in the industry.

Emergency Response, 24 / 7

BMS Technologies offers unparalleled rapid response capabilities in emergencies. Customer Satisfaction is the focus of everything we do at BMS Technologies,  It defines who we are as a company. There is no greater test of that statement than in an emergency situation. Because emergencies can happen at any time, BMS Technologies is available 24/7/365. Our Call Center personnel are trained to respond calmly and efficiently to gather critical information on your loss. First responders can quickly assess the facility and enact immediate preventative measures to reduce further damage and to secure your property. Trained restoration personnel will respond to restore as much property as possible to mitigate damages and reduce business interruption. BMS Technologies can also work directly with your insurance company.