After damage by fire, the soot smell left behind is a large factor which contributes to the growing of the loss. The removal of smoke and other bad odors is an important part of BMS’s fire restoration works. We use our patented Thermo-fog and and Ozone-producing equipment to remove odor with 100% success from the structure, contents and air duct systems. Ozone gas is a natural disinfectant. Ozone molecules seek out and combine with oxygen molecules present in the air, where bad odors cling. By doing so, they neutralize the oxygen and thus remove the bad odors with 100% success.

What Is Ozone?

  • Also known as “active oxygen”, ozone is a special molecule that exists naturally.
  • Each ozone molecule is composed of 3 oxygen atoms.
  • In general, the fresh, clean smell we enjoy after rain or storm is the result of ozone. created by lightning in the lower atmosphere.
  • In the upper atmosphere the formation of ozone is prompted by ultraviolet light.
  • Ozone plays an important role in our atmosphere by creating a shield from harmful rays.